“Nesting” is the practice of keeping one home for the children to live in full-time after a divorce.

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What happened to the parmesan cheese? I wondered on Sunday night after returning to my apartment after having been with my boyfriend all weekend. My son will only eat his pasta with parmesan cheese and there wasn’t any in my refrigerator. It had disappeared.

He was hungry because my ex-husband…

Here’s how to protect yourself from married people on dating apps.

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Imagine you’ve recently met the greatest guy. He’s swept you off your feet. You feel like he may be “The One.” You think you’re falling in love with him.

Soon, he’s invited you to go away for the weekend. You drive together to this destination and have a fabulous time.

It was a struggle to leave my marriage but my kids are happier for it.

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During the last two years of my marriage, my husband and I became strangers to one another. We were two people living in the same house, even sharing the same bed. Apart from that, we lived separate lives.

When we did talk it was only to argue. Mostly we bickered…

When I first left my husband, he wasn’t working and couldn’t help me. His rich parents could have but refused. Now they’re buying my ex a $1,000,000 house in Los Angeles.

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I was shocked when I heard the news the other day: my ex-husband’s parents are buying him a house. Yes, you heard that right: my ex’s parents are buying him a $1,000,000 house in Los Angeles.

Sound crazy? Yes, it does. Especially since they refused to pay my child support…

I regret letting men pay for my dinner when I wasn’t romantically interested in them.

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Back when I first discovered online dating, after a long period of being single, I decided to enjoy myself and go out on dates with a lot of men. Every single morning, I would open my inbox to find it stuffed with emails from potential suitors.

No, I didn’t like…

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I write about divorce, relationships, and family. Everything I’ve learned about love, I’ve learned the hard way. You can learn from my mistakes.

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