And thanks for writing your piece! I also don’t want to minimize YOUR experience by smearing around my own all over it. Our intuition is typically right on the mark. If you feel like your doctor was trying to torture you, she probably was. You lived through it, after all, not me.

But alas, I also had an incredibly painful IUD insertion. Perhaps more doctors are using anesthesia now. It does smack of sexism when they don’t.

Men get anesthesia when they have a prostate exam, only because men have such issues with penetration to their butts. As women, we’re expected to be cool with penetration into our vaginas. We should be used to it by now — right?

Thinking back to the pain of an intravaginal ultrasound during my first weeks of pregnancy, I wish I could have had a numbing agent for that, too. I think that the medical world is hung up on the belief that women can tolerate more pain than men because of childbirth. It’s really infuriating.

I’ll deal with my ten-year-old IUD one of these days. Thanks for reminding me!

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