I really relate to this. I live in a duplex with neighbors downstairs, and they’ve pretty much taken over the common area. There’s also many of them — it’s a whole big family, mostly consisting of adult males. I’m a single mom living upstairs with two kids.

To me, it feels like my personal boundaries are being disrespected yet again.

Yet again my personal space is being disrespected by men. After having this happen to me so many times in life, it’s very stressful.

Because your home is like an extension of your body. It’s something you covet and when people disrespect it, it’s like they’re disrespecting your actual form.

And if you’re someone who’s been sexually violated before, having the boundaries of your literal safe space disregarded IS traumatizing.

I don’t think you’re a “nervous, suburban” woman any more than you’re “too sensitive” that a man’s violation of your sexual boundaries is still traumatizing.

Follow your gut. You’re feeling frustrated that the boundaries of your home are being literally walked all over, because it IS frustrating and traumatizing.

Are you able to build a little fence around your plot? Sometimes neighbors need to literally have the space demarcated.

For women, demanding that both our bodies and the physical space we live in are respected IS a feminist issue.

I write about relationships, women’s issues, and my highly imperfect life. Learn more about me: my.bio/theformerlymrs Support: ko-fi.com/ellesilver

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