I remember reading an interview with Manson way back when he and Dita Von Teese first broke up. I followed them both since I was a denizen of the L.A. 90s/early-aughts goth scene that held up Dita as the poster girl of Bettie Page cheese-cake beauty and of course, Marilyn Manson for who he was. The interview was so gross. Manson claimed that Von Teese "wanted too much" and that there was another woman he wanted to "fornicate" with. Like I still remember those words.

Then Wood started appearing on his arm, a kind of younger Von Teese (Wood definitely went through her vintage Hollywood starlet phase when she was dating Marilyn Manson). I heard that all Von Teese wanted was for Manson to settle down and start acting like a grown-up. Maybe they'd have kids together or something. I vaguely remember something about him dumping Von Teese on Christmas. He's a real creep. Clearly, he had been grooming Wood for a while, photographing her or whatever, so that he could ultimately "fornicate" with her.

She was so young, and here was this man almost in his 40s coming on strong. I believe her stories of abuse. It sucks because I liked some of Manson's music, but such revelations about who he really is sour me to him.

I hope he has his day in court.

Former Playboy writer. Professional over-sharer. L.A.-based. More about me: my.bio/theformerlymrs Support: ko-fi.com/ellesilver

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