I’m always incredibly respectful of publication owners’ time. I know you guys work for free and I’m so grateful for that. A couple of editors/pub owners have even gone out of their way to give me valuable feedback on my pieces — for free.

I know they don’t have to do that. They can reject my piece if they want. When I get this feedback, I always immediately do what the editor asks. They have an interest in my piece’s curation. They know best!

And, sure, sometimes the piece still falls flat. That’s the writing business, not the pub’s fault.

Unfortunately, you’re working with a lot of newbies here on Medium. Luckily, some of us do get the drill!

I write about relationships, women’s issues, and my highly imperfect life. Learn more about me: my.bio/theformerlymrs Support: ko-fi.com/ellesilver

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