My intuition told me it was a scam from the beginning. My intuition screamed scam. At first I even refused to sign the contract it was so bad. (They now own the content.) Then I just decided to take a chance.

I went ahead and started posting content. I’ve done very well on the site. And even though I see what’s supposed to be going into my bank account in a couple days I’ve already told myself I won’t believe it until the money is there.

I’m still waiting for the new long-term contract they’re supposed to send and not publishing anything else on the site until I’ve signed it. I’ve contacted people at NB about when I’ll receive this new contract. Yes, it’s been crickets.

I’m amazed when you say you’re casually chatting with people from NB. I send an email and it’s two days until I receive a response. I have been skeptical from the beginning because it seems like something that’s too good to be true. We’ll see if that money ever makes it into my bank account.

Thanks for posting your updates. I’ve been reading them all.

Former Playboy writer. Professional over-sharer. L.A.-based. More about me: Support:

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