Once again, it’s a compliment that someone’s actually read my writing close enough to believe that they can psychoanalyze me.

I don’t think that feminists “glamorize” single motherhood. Women are simply luckier now that they can leave a marriage in which they’re being abused at worst, or just damn unhappy at best. Single motherhood is never glamorous and if anyone makes you believe that, they’re wrong.

In terms of glamorizing female sexuality, well, that’s your problem if you don’t believe that a woman has the same right to pleasure as a man.

Yes, women have a shorter reproductive period. And your point? As you seem so well-versed on women, their sexual lives and myself at that — can you answer this? Why do I feel just as sexual in menopause as before I hit menopause. Yup, I’m in menopause. BTW, thanks for giving me another article idea.

If you believe that I was promoting women chasing the hedonist treadmill of pleasure with men who aren’t willing to commit, then you are incorrect. I’d like to see you cite the exact sentences I used to make you think that. On the contrary, my point was that if you’re going to have sex, have it for pleasure, but don’t expect anything else. A woman doesn’t deserve a phone call the next day just because she “put out” because I don’t see it as “putting out.” I see it as enjoying her body with a man. That’s all it is: enjoyment of one’s body. Sex is not entitlement to a relationship.

I’m typically a polite, level-headed individual, which is why I’m still having this conversation with you in such a logical manner, but to propose to me — someone you don’t know — that had I listened to my conservative mother I wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in? That’s just… Dude, you don’t know me for shit. That’s the thing. This is all about you, your conjecture, your judgments, your beliefs, your stereotypes, your prejudices, your assumptions, your inability to understand the crux of my piece. This was exactly the point of my piece! I can’t control how anyone thinks about me, which is why if I go enjoy a night with a man, I expect NOTHING in exchange, because he might just end up being as NUTS as you. :-)

I write about relationships, women’s issues, and my highly imperfect life. Learn more about me: my.bio/theformerlymrs Support: ko-fi.com/ellesilver

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