Sorry to hear about your partner.

Alas, life for me now is very different than my summer “abandoning” my children to go to Costa Rica.

I finally left my husband, who has psychological problems, gives me a pittance in child support, and leaves me to take care of the kids 95% of the time by myself (because he’s not reliable and I don’t have family to help). His family helped that summer. That’s all over now.

I am on welfare so I know all about EBT. I also know about free childcare programs that suck and therefore have impacted what I do in terms of work. It’s not easy to find jobs that I can do from home so my kids can come home with me after school. FYI, they’re home with me all the time now.

So I also take “umbrage” at being judged as being wall-to-wall privileged. But I do see where you got the idea.

If I added in all the details about my life in every piece, my articles would not be five minutes long but five hours long and would never be curated (and hence no $ earned). I’m grateful for Medium because it’s a job I can do at home with my kids around — and therefore not at the Boys and Girls Club. Yup, my kids hated that place when I sent them for “free” after-school care.

I write about relationships, women’s issues, and my highly imperfect life. Learn more about me: Support:

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