Thanks for yet another one of your comments, @jeffcaplan.

I am glad you feel so much for my kids. I will let you know when I set up a patreon, etc., as donations for their well-being are always appreciated.

Curious as you may profess to be, your ignorance surrounding dealing with people who are mentally ill is astounding. You have clearly never dealt with someone who has mental illness before. The fact is that people who have mental illness often don’t realize it. They think they’re totally fine and when you suggest they see an expert they are offended.

I think this goes for people with addictions as well, which is why this thing called an “intervention” was invented. It’s simply quite difficult to propel people to get the help they need, simply because they don’t think they need it.

I don’t know what clicked in my now ex-husband’s head, which enabled him to finally listen to his family. I failed to add in this piece — but it should be explored in another piece — that both his parents and I spent years trying to get him the help he needed. Thousands of dollars were spent on various coaches and shrinks, as well as behind-door meetings with his family members to plot how to help him when my simply talking to him didn’t work.

People often don’t simply walk off to get help when the people closest to them suggest they need it.

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