Thanks for your link to the Amen Clinic. I am very well-versed on Dr. Amen’s teachings. My ex-husband had a brain scan done there years ago, which finally diagnosed his ADHD, and I also saw a psychiatrist there for my anxiety.

Before I became a parent, Jeff Caplan, I also had the all-or-nothing thinking that I would never let my children watch TV, play video games, or eat sugar, etc. Life would be perfect. My kids would fall in line with my desire and dutifully obey me — especially because I had done all that therapy!

Then real life happened. I’ve learned that all those things in moderation are simply things that I have to put up with living in modern American society.

That or I can be that “weird” parent who brings the gluten-free, sugar-free, diary-free cupcake for my kid to eat at the kids’ birthday party.

And…. not gonna do it.

I do my best to feed my children healthfully. Just last night, after a request for spaghetti and meatballs, my son criticized the fact that I had made the meatballs from ground turkey instead of ground beef, because I am trying to move away from feeding my children slaughtered mammals. Would not eat the meatballs. Ugh…. But alas… being a parent and dealing with my kids’ dietary eccentricities is one of the masochistic delights of my life.

I look forward to hearing all about how you’ll do a better job with your own kids. :-)

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