Wow, someone in the comments section is judgmental!!!

I support you. You are making the best of a bad situation. Having been in this situation, it’s so difficult to know what the right choice is.

In the end, only you know what’s right for your family. Relationships end. But you have the kids to think about. For now, this is the solution you’ve come up with.

If everyone is still miserable after a few months, then maybe it’s time to live separately.

But you won’t know till you try this route first.

In our case, still living together while separated made the actual divorce much less traumatic for the kids. My ex and I were used to the fact that we were no longer together romantically and so there wasn’t a lot of yelling, crying, and screaming when we finally moved into separate places.

The divorce was a slight rumble for the kids instead of a huge earthquake.

The kids are going to need therapy anyway. ;-)

Just do the best you can, which it sounds like you’re already doing!

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