You are 100% right in talking to your son about sex. If you don't, then friends and the internet will. Even back in the 80s, my parents refused to discuss sex with me. I was the victim of a predatory female friend who peer-pressured me into having sex with her when I wasn't ready (at age 13), and I ended up losing my virginity at age 15 to an ex-convict who was five years older than me. Not pretty. Had my parents woken the fuck up and understood that times had changed from the 50s world they'd grown up in, they could have been there for me instead of leaving me to navigate this stuff on my own.

My son is twelve now and I'm counting the days until he discovers porn. I will be there for him, to explain that these are fantasies and not the way he should be treating girls. We have already talked about sexual consent. It's never too early to talk about this stuff with our kids. Thankfully you did early on, and it saved your son from a world of pain.

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