Divorcing a childish man won’t make your life any easier — especially if you have kids together.

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I recently wrote about my difficult experience being married to a man-child. What’s a “man-child”? A man-child describes an adult male with the emotional age of a teenager.

A man-child refuses to grow up. Maybe he’s unable to. He may never have been encouraged to.

My ex-husband certainly never was.

It was the first sign our marriage was over.

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Every year after Christmas, my now ex-husband’s parents organized a big family trip. They are very wealthy people and they would book several hotel rooms at some resort and invite the whole family along.

This meant my ex, his siblings, their spouses, and all our kids, would spend the week…

Are you a “pickmeisha” who suffers from “cockholm sydrome”? If you’re too “nice” to men, you may be.

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FDS — or “Female Dating Strategy” — is on its face a good thing for women. Women are coached to stand up for themselves, set firm boundaries, and resist being doormats while seeking relationships with successful men who adore them. What could be wrong with that?

In our current cultural…

Racial trauma is a condition that affects Black people after witnessing images and videos of racial brutality and should be included in the DSM-5.

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A professor at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management is suing the university for damages to his reputation and income after he was suspended from his teaching post last year. …

Unfortunately, “Peter Pans” are on the rise in our society.

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I cooked his meals. I washed his dishes. I picked his clothes up off the floor. I laundered his dirty clothing, folded it, and put it back in its drawers.

I ironed what needed to be ironed and hung those garments in the closet. …

Research shows the women’s movement actually made male-female relationships better.

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Some think feminism ruined heterosexual relationships. It destroyed chivalry and annihilated romance.

Men are confused now. Should they open the door for women or not? Should they pay for dinner or not? Should they ask her out on a date or not?

Women no longer need to marry for money…

Only if you want to date insecure women.

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Countless “pickup artist”-style dating coaches laud the benefits of disrespecting women as a means to attract them. They advise negging (giving negative feedback) and treating women with indifference as a way to get laid.

The logic behind such advice is that by being mean you create a challenge for a…

There were benefits to waiting until our emotions cooled.

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My ex-husband showed up the other day at my place to declare that the paperwork for our divorce had finally gone through. We were finally legally ex-husband and ex-wife. This was a cause to celebrate.

Why? We’d been living in a separate state for seven years.

Yes, that long.


This began with healing my relationship with my father.

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The first time it struck me that my mother was gone was not when I watched her die in the hospital. Her death only sunk in when I returned to my parents’ house afterward.

My dad and I sat at the dinner table together to eat the pathetic meal of…

But I’m lucky to have had the choice to pursue my passion.

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“Blood!” Dr. Bradford exclaimed as he withdrew the cystoscope from my urethra. In case you don’t know what a cystoscope is, it’s a catheter-like instrument used to look inside the bladder to check for things like bladder cancer. I was having a cystoscopy done to test for just that. And…

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